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Our Story — As Seen on PetPals TV


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  1. I have to say I love your porchcasts. Specifically, your mother the queen and her wave. She reminds me a little bit of David Letterman‘s mother. Great sense of humor says what she wants to say, very funny yet sincere loving person comes through. The porchcast with your wonderful mother describing your attire for the porchcasts was especially entertaining. She is a fantastic interview and you are a great interviewer. These are priceless! I also listened to your three most recent porchcasts talking about the Bible. I really enjoyed the one on Matthew,Mark Luke and John and the differences and similarities. Very, very helpful and I look forward to hearing more.The interview with your friend recently was also very impressive. So much honesty and loving grace and kindness coming through from both of you. Keep up the great work. It is much appreciated by me and I’m sure others and many more in the future. Yours in the Christ,GS
    • Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment, Glenn. Your feedback is so encouraging and helpful. Yes, my mom is a riot! I never know what she's going to say next, and she starts to wave when she's ready to end the video — even if I'm still talking. We're really enjoying creating these videos, so it's great to hear that they are helpful. Thanks again for your wonderful feedback. ~ Julie

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