Julie Osborne (aka "Oz")

Everyone has a tale to tell. For me, stories unfold wherever I go — so sharing them seemed the obvious next step. I am a woman who lives life with zest and excitement and sees each day as an opportunity and adventure. With my children grown, I approach this next chapter as more “open” than “empty,” remembering that with the nest unoccupied, I can leave too. In fact, “vacated” and “vacation” come from the same root word. Remember all that freedom before kids? My stories will reflect personal experiences as a single parent raising two children from the toddler years into adulthood. There will be tales of amazing strangers I’ve met through the years, along with reflections from launching my kids to ushering in a new life season by proclaiming a “Gap Year for Parents” to travel and reconnect with friends and family.

Although my occupation has never defined me, invaluable life experience and inspiring stories have been gained through various roles I have held or currently hold, including: Mom, journalist, managing editor, business professional, community project leader, Mom’s ministry leader, Bible study teacher/writer, student chaplain, and church/school volunteer. Details on my educational and professional experience can be found on my Linkedin page.

After growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, traveling the world, and living overseas in Japan, my heart remains at home in Indiana. Dorothy got it right, “There’s no place like home.” And in the end, I believe that no matter where our yellow brick road takes us, the ultimate destination is our home in Heaven.

My Personal Mission Statement

Trust God to lead the way, Teach through my writing, and Serve with a joyful heart to inspire and empower all who cross my path.



I’m a Yorkie Chihuahua mix (aka Chorkie) from Indiana, not Kansas, but I somehow ended up in the land of Oz -- that is the house of Oz. But my story didn’t start that way. For the first two years of my life, I lived on a cold patio with 15 other dogs and fought daily for food and attention. One day all that changed when a rescue group showed up and took us away. New warm homes awaited us. Soon I would find my forever home in an unexpected place -- the lap of Oz. Today, I not only have a loving mom but a wonderful family, a backyard to myself, friends who visit for playdates, cozy beds in every room, toys galore, and delicious meals. I’m even featured in the local newspaper -- “Toto Around Town” is my tagline!

Who knows what the future brings, but my journey on the yellow brick road has led me to my forever home, and I couldn’t be happier! To read more about my life with Oz, check out our stories at And Toto Too!

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"Like Dorothy, there is a yellow brick road before us. We are each
headed somewhere we’ve chosen or have allowed to be chosen for us,
whether recognized or not. What is around us will become us;
It’s only a matter of time."


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