Julie is a very captivating writer and a great storyteller! She has a vibrant personality that comes through in her writing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed any opportunity I’ve had to read her work!

Aaron Hoover, Campus Pastor, Traders Point Christian Church North

Julie Osborne, first and foremost, knows how to spin yarn. She is a great storyteller, captures details and nuances that elude many of her peers, and she writes in a conversational style that engages the reader. She writes with passion and determination. You’ll enjoy her work as I do.

Steve Greenberg, Co-owner and Executive Vice-President, Current Publishing, LLC.

No one can connect with people like Julie. Her ability to reach people emotionally and spiritually has found her legions of friends. Why do so many people open up to Julie? Find out by reading her blog.

Brian Kelly, Co-owner and President, Current Publishing, LLC.

To say that the writings of Julie Osborne are simply inspirational is like saying that grass is green. There is so much wisdom, intuition, and devotion in her written word … just like every blade of grass has its own hue.

Vicky Earley, Owner, Artichoke Designs

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