Dancing Grammie Highlight Video

From performing on the porch for her weekly "Porchcast" to entertaining at local retirement homes through the Prime Life Follies she founded 18 years ago, Dancing Grammie is still going strong! Her dancing career started at age 70, and  she continues to dance her way into people's hearts today – at  91! In 2019, she also became a published author in the Chicken Soup for the Soul:Grandparent edition. Dancing Grammie inspires everyone she meets and is having the time of her life. Check out her highlight video below.

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10 Responses

  1. I love your mom! She is a hoot! Best of luck to her for America's Got Talent. Please keep us posted.
    • We will keep you posted. We may not know for a few more weeks. But who can resist Dancing Grammie? Stay tuned! ~Julie
  2. Julie - your mama is such a joy and an inspiration to us all! Keep on dancing, Queen Lori, and Happy Valentine's Day!!
    • Thanks, Susan! She will keep dancing if you keep watching:) Deal??? Thanks for the encouragement. Onward and upward! ~Julie

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