SMM Seeking SFM

Single Male Mutt seeking Single Female Mutt. I am very active and love to run in the yard and take daily neighborhood walks. My mom is my first love, and I’m not looking to replace her – just desire company when she’s busy. I don’t need a partner to complete me (since I’m already completely spoiled) but one to complement me – and not take my hidden bones or treats. My ideal mate would be fun-loving, affectionate, preferably blonde, and a rescue – pure breeds need not apply. I’m looking for female companionship and I love to snuggle, so I’m happy to cuddle with you when my mom is not around.

If you’re the mutt for me, you’re a non-barker (I have that covered) with fresh breath (or at least a dental cleaning in the last year) who finds me irresistible, but who recognizes when I need space. Chemistry is important, so we will have a hard time keeping our paws off each other. Before I found my forever home, I had many girlfriends (i.e. in a hoarding/breeding situation), but I’m ready for a committed relationship now. Physical chemistry is important to me once we’re married – my mom will not allow one-night stands. I have no age requirements since I have no idea how old I am, so puppies are welcome to reach out. I’m flexible, young at heart, and have A LOT of energy.

If we are compatible and you earn my trust, I will consider sharing my toys – except for Dino. There are some things in life that cannot be compromised. I’ve been told that I have a big personality despite my petite stature, and I can be a little strong-willed at times. I am fiercely devoted and will chase down cars, massive mastiffs, and intimidating humans to protect you. No one messes with my family. I’m not perfect, except in my mom’s eyes, although I do love to roll around in bird poop. Let’s make a date, and we can roll around and make a mess together!

So why not give me a try? I promise it will be a TOTO-ally awesome adventure! 

Toto and Dino

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